We do things right.

Discuss the subject and finding the solution, feasibility study, designing, debugging, redesigning or reverse-engineering of Electronics and Software Technologies.


About Allianz Technoloy

We Value More on Quality and not in Quantity.

The valued customers provided with professional and economical solutions for their studied projects.

We are international team with corporation registered in Canada.

8 Personnels
25 Projects

Creativity is the key

Solving Complex Problems using Simple Solutions.

Excellent Work

Our Work

Our multidisciplinary team, professional at Engineering (Electronics & Computers) and Science (Analytical Chemistry) fields in B.S., M.S. and PhD classes provide valued customers with true results.

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E-mail: support [at] allianztech.ca
Phone: +1 289 470 0478
Office: 273 Manchester Drive, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada